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1  Android-Foren / Software für Android / Paintrala Review: Instagram for Creative People - Create Great Drawings from Pic am: 06.12.2012, 11:36:27

Paintrala is an app which is kind of like instagram for people who like to draw or sketch pictures. It has a built in social network where users can automatically share their drawings and receive comments, likes and more for their artwork. In addition the app has several tools that help users make some really interesting artwork by allowing them to trace over any picture from your gallery.

How do you use it?

One of the main features of this app is the ability to create art, drawings or paintings from pictures on your phone. In essence this app removes the brain-freeze of not know what to draw and all the complexities behind art by allowing you to select a photo and trace it with their many tools.


Once you enter the app it's divided into 3 sections: Gallery, Painting Section and Contest. In gallery you will see how a lot of people created some really unique artwork from their own pictures using different tools  which I will list below.

Like I mentioned above, you will have the ability to sketch and draw over what you want to do. But it really goes alot further than that. After you upload a favorite picture, you can choose from what kind of sketch you want to do.

1. Pen & Sketch Style
2. Color Pencil Sketch
3. Cartoon Style
4. Oil Painting
5. Gray
6. Vignette
7. Pastel Sketch

The contest section is unique, The developer regularly has contents (currently has done 4) and you can see all the other artwork that similar like-minded people have uploaded.

Is it addictive?

As a kid I have always been sketching, I'm sure many of you have done that in class. If that habit has stuck with you over the years you will really appreciate this app. I myself am a horrible artist and my sketches are comparably worse than a gradeschooler. However with this app it really takes the difficulty out of drawing because you are sketching and tracing over some of your favorite pictures. Also since it's free, so it doesn't hurt to try it out.

Google Play:

2  Android-Foren / Software für Android / Looking for 30 Beta Testers for Android Apps ($10 per feedback) am: 14.11.2012, 20:45:01
I am looking for 30 Beta Testers for a few unreleased android apps and willing to pay for some great feedback. All the apps will be different like games, utilities, etc so I made a questionnaire with some specific questions so I can find the best testers for each category of app.

For those who are chosen, I will let you know and send you the APK file with a questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is finished you can either receive a $10 amazon giftcard sent to your email or $10 on paypal.
We have a long history of testing on iOS(shown below) and we are moving into the android market now it is a great opportunity to play some unreleased games and get paid for it.
Thank you! Feel free to reply with any questions.

Signup Form:

3  Android-Foren / Software für Android / Sweet Garden Widget Review am: 12.10.2012, 17:41:24
My Review:

I wanted to introduce to you all to this nifty little widget I found on the Google Play so I thought the best way to do it would be writing a review Smiley


For those who are familiar with pet-raising simulation games you will get the idea for Sweet Garden by Toast Inc. In this app, it acts as a widget instead of a stand alone app. So it will be on your home screens at all time. I was a little worried about the battery but it doesn't have that huge of an effect and runs without killing it Smiley  But because it is a widget it works in real-time and really interesting when it starts talking to you.

How do you play it?

First you will need to install the widget onto your home screen menu. Then you will need to plant a "ppu" which is the main character or plant. There are different ppu's that you can raise to complete your virtual garden.

The game allows you do different maintenance tasks to keep your ppu happy and growing which are rewarded with gold or silver seeds. Basic tasks such as removing bugs, watering your ppu, cleaning it's environment and more will help you take care of your plant. Also there are mini games like destroying moles which reward you with more seeds so you can do more things like buying gifts, more ppus and more.


I felt like this was a really unique and new style of simulation game for the android phone. Because it's a widget it's really unique because it interacts with you in real time and the characters or ppu's in the game are really fun to raise and take careful. You can download this game free here:

4  Android-Foren / Software für Android / aButterfly Fantasia - Elegant, Colorful, Translucent Butterfly App am: 11.07.2012, 09:41:40
Hello all, I would like to introduce a really cool theme for the Android phone.

aButterfly Fantasia Live brings your Android device’s wallpaper to breathtaking life with fluttering, lit-from-within butterflies. 



What do all think about this app?
5  Android-Foren / Software für Android / Shooting Warrior: Anime-style Epic Castle Defense Game am: 16.04.2012, 16:59:48
6  Android-Foren / Software für Android / MXHome Launcher: Free 3D Motion Enhanced Themes for Android am: 08.03.2012, 09:09:41
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