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Titel: Looking for 30 Beta Testers for Android Apps ($10 per feedback)
Beitrag von: michaeljung691 am 14.11.2012, 20:45:01
I am looking for 30 Beta Testers for a few unreleased android apps and willing to pay for some great feedback. All the apps will be different like games, utilities, etc so I made a questionnaire with some specific questions so I can find the best testers for each category of app.

For those who are chosen, I will let you know and send you the APK file with a questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is finished you can either receive a $10 amazon giftcard sent to your email or $10 on paypal.
We have a long history of testing on iOS(shown below) and we are moving into the android market now it is a great opportunity to play some unreleased games and get paid for it.
Thank you! Feel free to reply with any questions.

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